She Rocks the Trails

TBD - No race for 2023

Auburn, CA

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Distances: 10K & 25K

Course Description


The 10K and 25K courses will start and finish at the Auburn Dam Overlook.  All events begin at 7 A.M. Saturday, September 3, 2022.  All event distances will be well marked with orange ribbon and flour at any critical corners or intersections.

The 10K and 25K courses will run together for the first 6 miles.  Once runners leave the Overlook, the course descends down the American River Canyon following the premier AR50 course to the base of the canyon.

The first aid station is located at the base of the canyon at Cardiac Hill. Runners will arrive at Cardiac and turn right ascending to the top of the climb.  The course will turn right (watch for the arrows) and runners will proceed along the canal back to the Overlook.  All courses will run through the start/finish line and be greeted by spectators, family and friends.  The 10K will finish at the Overlook while the 25K runners continue and will find their second aid station at the Overlook at 6 miles.

The course then takes the Western States Trail out of the Overlook and around Robie Point.  Once around Robie Point, 25K runners will veer slightly to the left and follow a wide fire trail for .6 out and .6 back (Murphy's Gate).  Runners will now traverse down the WS trail and head towards No Hands Bridge.  This will be the third aid station. 

The 25K runners turn around at No Hands Bridge and retrace the course (without the out and back at Murphy's Gate) back to the finish at the Overlook. . 

Course Map (PDF)

Elevation Gain/Loss

  • 10K ~2000 feet
  • 25K ~3200 feet

The 25K distance has a time limit of 6 hours 30 minutes