She Rocks the Trails

TBD - No race for 2023

Auburn, CA

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Distances: 10K & 25K


There are some pretty amazing women in this world. Mothers, Sisters, Friends. All with a story of their own and something to share. While we will be highlighting one women who rocks each month, we will also be collecting thoughts and quotes from anyone wanting to share their thoughts on, "What Inspires you?" If you'd like to share your own words of inspiration or empowerment, please email:

Carroll Fingar

My mom rocks!!!!

She's such a warrior in life and sport. An avid (and very good) tennis player, she always has a positive attitude win, lose or draw. This is how she plays on the court and in life. Her strength, tenacity and perseverance show us all that anything is just have to want it! She's a rockstar in life! This will be her first trail race ever and she will complete it with flying colors because of her "winning" mindset. She instilled all of her gusto of life and mindset to overcome any challenges, into all of her children. She is inspiration to not only her family, but to all of those who are around her.

-Julie Fingar

Anne Novak

Anne is a power walker who started entering races later in life. Her focus when she started racing was that it would be a great way to maintain her health while working toward positive goals. She came down to Southern California in 2012 to help me with my first 50-miler, and in turn did her very first marathon! She jumped in and help me pace Urban Cow Half-Marathon, and is now the pacer for the 3:00hr pace group!! She has completed 8 road marathons and a number of half-marathons etc. but She Rocks is one of her must do races every year. Anne says she loves She Rocks because, in her words: it is a special group of people who run trails, a comradery not found elsewhere. So many AWESOME volunteers, you could not ask for a better supported race. The trail is beautiful, yet challenging. When I cross that finish line I know I have really accomplished something! So exhilarating it keeps me coming back every year. Looking forward to seeing everyone out there. We got this!
-Cheri Alvarez

Kirsten Bailey

Kristen embodies the strength of women on a daily basis. She cares for her special needs daughter unselfishly with love and caring. She also makes the people around her (especially women) embrace their own strengths. I am fortunate to call Kristen my friend.

-Carroll Fingar

Erica Teicheira

Running is the greatest metaphor for life: the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. I originally began running for fitness. Now it has become my lifestyle. I love to not only run for my own health and peace of mind, but to help others with their running goals, whether it be coaching, crewing, volunteering, or pacing. My passion for running has brought me so many amazing adventures, friends, and job opportunities. Also, my nine year old son loves to run. I have had to do less racing because he is now in cross country and track, but it is a beautiful thing to watch his love for running grow and watch him progress! His goal is to one day run a 100 miles WITH ME. That touches me beyond words.
-Erica Teicheira

Ofelia Cruz

Ofelia Cruz inspires me every day! As a personal trainer and friend she is always encouraging me to push myself and try new things. That is why I'm participating today! Her positive attitude and bright smile always are a perfect start to any day. Thank you for inspiring me Ofelia!!

-Pam Larimer

Dilyn Radakovich

Dilyn is older than I am and yet she qualified for Boston. Her husband has cancer and she still gets up early , crosstrains, etc. She keeps going, always with a smile and encouraging word!!

-Lee Finley